I'm Josh, I love beer and I built am building this website


Because I think pubs are great, and I wanted to teach myself PHP and JavaScript.

I was in a pub a while ago, and the question of "Where is the nearest pub with a pool table?" was asked. Nobody knew. An idea was born.

On a slightly more noble note, I hate it when a pub shuts down, and if this site goes any way to encourage people to support pubs and keep them open then it's been worth it.


With a text editor and a lot of time and head scratching.
Many visits to pubs were also needed to 'ensure the accuracy' of the website.
No wordpress. No CMS. Just hand coded.

Favourite Pub?

The Plasterers Arms

  • Amazing Pizzas
  • Bar Billiards Table
  • Fantastic selection of beers
  • Good atmosphere
  • Friendly staff

But I'm trying my best to keep this website as un-biased as possible.

Favourite Beers?

  • Beavertown: Gamma Ray
  • Brewdog: Elvis Juice
  • Chalk Hill Brewery: TAP
  • Grain: 316
  • Sharps: Doombar
  • St. Peter's: Cream Stout
  • The Great Yorkshire Brewery: Yorkshire Blackout
  • Wolf: Golden Jackal

What makes a good pub for me?

  • More of a drinking pub than a restaurant feel
  • Friendly and welcoming atmosphere
  • Preferably an independent venue, not part of a large chain
  • Traditional or quirky d├ęcor, not too much of a modern feel
  • A large selection of ales, and a good rotation of guest beers
  • Something a little bit unique, that stands out

What counts as 'In Norwich'?

For now, I have classed it as inside the Outer Ringroad.

When The NDR is built, and thus Norwich has a third Ring Road, this may change or it may not.

But one of the pubs is outside of the Outer Ringroad?

I know, but another website hasn't noticed it's correct position yet. I have.

What counts as a pub?

A kind of drinking establishment which as you walk in, you would say "This is a pub.", rather than think it was anything else.

Some places that aren't quite pubs, but are kind of similar are also listed.

Classifying pubs etc. is not an accurate science (yet).

Why isn't a pub listed?

  1. I may have forgotten about it, or I don't know about it
  2. I don't class it as a pub or something that belongs on this site
  3. It isn't in Norwich

Feel free to disagree by contacting me or to contribute to the site

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