Map Markers

  • = Pub
    Your traditional drinking pub, may do some bar food and snacks, but doesn't usually have a full-on menu.
  • = Gastro-Pub
    Your traditional pub, but with a full food menu.
  • = Bar
    A drinking venue that is like a pub, but doesn't really have the aesthetic of a pub.
  • = Live Music Venue
    A pub that is first and foremost a live music venue. Pubs that have live music, but aren't a 'live music venue' will have the symbol.
  • = Nightclub
    Usually open late, usually loud music, usually a poor selection of beers. Some debate why this category exists.
  • = Mix (Depends on days or hours)
    A bit of a hybrid. For example: The Queen of Iceni (JD Wetherspoon). A pub which can almost be called a bar, which also serves a full food menu but sort of turns into a club on Friday and Saturday nights.

Pub Feature Symbols

  • = The Pub Has Outside Seating
    Loosely defined as: Tables and chairs outside, which are within the pub grounds, obviously permanent and clearly not part of another establishment. Seats on the pavement behind a banner or roped off usually don't count unless they are segregated enough.
  • = The Pub Has A Pool Table
  • = The Pub Has A Bar Billiards Table
  • = The Pub Has A Dart Board
    Which can just be casually used, rather than reserved for Darts Teams only.
  • = The Pub Has Beer Brewed On-Site
    The pub has it's own brewery on site (or very close) and serves the beer in the pub.
  • = The Pub Has Live Music
    Features regular live music (probably at least once a week). May or may not also qualify as a 'Live Music Venue'.
  • = Events are on at this pub
    This website has (as far as we know) an accurate list of events being held at the pub.
  • = A live list of beers is available for this pub
    This website has (as far as we know) a live and accurate list of which beers are being served at the pub.

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