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My Ethos

My view on privacy and the internet is that only information that is needed should be stored or collected. The information that is stored or collected should only be done because it is necessary, and should only be handled and stored in a responsible and secure way. This policy and this website will only ever be truthful and open about it's contents and how you interact with it.


This site does not set any cookies on your devices.

See below for the cookies Google Maps sets.

Google Maps

This website uses Google Maps to display a map of the pubs in Norwich. Google Maps uses "cookies", which are small text files placed on your computer, to collect internet log information and visitor behaviour information in an ANONYMOUS form. No personally identifiable information is collected about you.

The anonymous information generated by Google Maps cookies about your use of this website is transmitted to Google - not to me. This information is used to generate statistical reports on website activity for only this website.


All connections to this website are served via HTTPS. This means that this site uses SSL to encrypt your connection to this site.

All data you submit to this site, such as your location, contact form data and login form data is encrypted by your browser.

This means that you are protected against packet sniffing and man-in-the-middle based attacks.


Your location will only be received when you directly interact with a feature on this site that requires location, such as 'Find My Nearest Pub'.

Location data is not stored or shared at all.

Contact Form

All information you submit via the contact form is emailed directly to me. It is not stored in a database on this website. I don't send it to anyone else.

User Contribution

All information you add to the user contribution form, such as the type of edit you are making, your location, your IP Address and details of the browser you are using may be stored by this website.

This is anonymous, and I cannot tell who you are.

This data is used to analyse the truth behind user updates to help ensure this site is as accurate as possible.

This data will never be shown or sent to anyone else.

Registration and Login Forms

This website stores your password using a hashing algorithm (bcrpyt) specifically designed for this purpose.

Your passwords are never stored or transmitted in an unencrypted format and nobody has access to what your password is.

All other details entered may be stored for authentication purposes and monitored for security reasons.

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